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Knowing the Voice of God.

Three different voices you can hear.

  1. The voice of God
  2. The voice of our own fleshly desires.
  3. The voice of the enemy.

John 10:4-5

1 Samuel 17:45-50

  • Does it agree with the Bible?
  • Does it make me more like Jesus?
  • Can other believers confirm what God is saying?
  • Does it line up with how God designed me?
  • Does what I am hearing concern my gifts and who I am?
  • Is the voice convicting or condemning?
  • Do I have the peace of God?

Talk About It: Questions to process with family, friends, and yourself.

  1. Whose voice has the greatest influence over your life?
  2. Whose voice in your life do you trust the most and why?
  3. Have you ever allowed the wrong voice to change the trajectory of your life?
  4. Why is knowing the voice of God so imperative in our decision making and in our response?
  5. What lying voice or giant is holding you back from God’s truth and your purpose?

July 9, 2017 |Jesus Changes Everything | Family Matters

Mark: What is Jesus changing in and through you?

Today: Who is YOUR family?

Mark 3:20-35: What does Jesus have to say about family?

Will we believe Jesus and trust his teaching?

But what about when I don’t do God’s will?

Jesus unites forgiven people who become his family.

TALK ABOUT IT: Questions to process with family, friends, and yourself.

  1. Who is your family? What makes a healthy/unhealthy family?
  2. Who is Jesus’ family? What makes his family healthy/unhealthy?
  3. Why is forgiveness so necessary for families and the church?
  4. How does Jesus’ teaching comfort those from broken families?
  5. How can you help someone experience God’s family?

July 2, 2017 |Jesus Changes Everything | Delegation

What is Jesus changing in and through you?


Mark 3:13-19: Jesus delegates ministry to the disciples.


What prepares us for whatever Jesus chooses for our lives?


What does God want to “delegate” to you and through you?


God chooses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

TALK ABOUT IT: Questions to process with family, friends, & yourself.

  1. What happens when people do not delegate well?
  2. How does delegation multiply our efforts in ministry and life?
  3. What are Jesus’ qualifications for sharing in his ministry?
  4. Why do you think God delegates Kingdom work to us?
  5. What has God called you to do in His Kingdom?