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Village Well

We are here to bless our community!

Village Well is a ministry of Newport Mesa Church to the foster, adoptive, and kinship families of our community.

Village Well was founded on the principle that strong and healthy children are products of strong and healthy families.  We believe The Church must function as a network of support to these families in much the same way a village is an unbroken network of support to its residents.  At the center of village life is the life-sustaining water source – the well – around which people gather to care for and support one another in everyday life.

Village Well provides tools for effective parenting, vital connections to other families and resources, opportunities to strengthen marriages, and a network of caring individuals who are dedicated to helping parents successfully raise the children entrusted to their care.

Village Well meetings events are held monthly, and are open to anyone currently fostering or has adopted, anyone thinking about fostering and/or adoption, and anyone interested in wrapping support around these families.  Village Well partners with Orange County Social Services, and is part of a thriving Orange County network of churches and faith-based organizations involved in foster care and adoption.

If you are interested in attending our meetings at Newport Mesa Church or events, becoming a volunteer, or just have questions, please contact us at

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Please join us for our next monthly meeting on February 12.

FREE dinner for the whole family!

6:00-6:30 in the Fellowship Hall

Meeting Time | 6:30-8:30 pm

“Prudent Parenting Standards SB-358”

Speaker: Robert Waddington

The reasonable and prudent parent standard is key to promoting normalcy for youth in foster care. It is an invaluable tool to help a caregiver meet the goal of providing a home which is not only safe, stable and loving but one which is as “normal” as possible – a home which allows a child in foster care the freedom to grow into adulthood. This standard is based on consideration of a child’s age, maturity, mental and physical health, developmental level, behavioral propensities, and aptitude. It allows caregivers to make decisions about participation in age or developmentally appropriate extracurricular, enrichment, and social activities for a child in their care so as to promote the most family-like environment for the child.

This meeting will offer foster care certification training hours.

Please register online by February 7 and include the names and ages of any children.  This helps us balance our classroom childcare needs.

Registration is now closed for this meeting.